ben roethlisberger

The Great Franchise QB Debate!
Occasionally on Sportstalk something brought up during an interview turns into a great topic.  Such was the case on Tuesday when former Sportstalk co-host Jeff Flynt joined us from frigid Titletown, U.S.A.
Big Ben’s OK. It’s Rum and DIET Coke!
Big Ben says he's a changed man since his four-game suspension after an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year-old Georgia coed for which he was never charged. And, sure he's changed since that night...his CLOTHES! Though karaokeing in a bar is no big deal, the alcohol is troubling (although it's nice to see Big Ben trying to keep that girlish figure by drinking his rum with Diet Coke), and the fact
Jets Back Up The Trash Talking
It is easy to see how the New York Jets have quickly become the most hated team in the NFL. For a franchise with only one Super Bowl appearance and victory, yet they are a brash, trash-talking, cocky team.