Hot Broncos Fan Is Very Upset At Peyton Manning!
I think it fair to say that nobody expected Peyton Manning to play as horrible as he did this past Sunday in Super Bowl 48.
So what happens when you mix a hot Broncos fan drinking wine and watching Peyton play like hell? You get one epic rant.
2 Hot Girls Help An Indoor Soccer Team Practice Making Goals
I don't know much about indoor soccer but I know that to get better at it, teams have to practice.  Well, check out this video in which the players for Royal Antwerp indoor soccer team decided that in order to work on their shooting accuracy, they’d have to use special targ…
Lingerie Football QB Delivers Epic Forearm Shiver [Video]
If you thought that the Lingerie Football League was all hugs and kisses because women are playing football in their undies, you're wrong.
Check out this video in which the Quarterback of the Los Angeles Temptation's Ashley Salerno proves why she is considered the toughest QB in the le…

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