An east El Paso family’s surgical mask wearing tree is not only the Stay-Home-or-Mask-Up mascot we need, it’s the pandemic comic relief we so desperately deserve right now.

Rene Rosales outfitted the tree that sits on the front yard of his home in the Cielo Vista area with a custom face mask, much to the delight of neighbors and passersby.

“We've gotten a lot of smiles, a lot of honks and a lot of thumbs up," Roslaes told ABC7 in a recently published report, which is how the in-fashion tree first came to my attention.

He told the news station a neighbor who was aware they deck out the tree for a lot of the holidays gave him the idea.

He took the suggestion, a bed sheet and some plastic plates (for the hilarious googly eyes), and voilà, instant pandemic classic.

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