In less than an hour, the east's 4th seed Boston Bruins, will look to get there 7th Stanley Cup Championship. However, the #1 seed Chicago Blackhawks may have something to say about that as they look to secure a 5th Stanley Cup Championship.

Both teams have had their ups and downs to make it to the finals. Despite starting the playoffs in a close series with Toronto, the Bruins looked solid as they swept the Pittsburgh Penguins to get to the Finals. The Blackhawks started the playoffs with ease against Minnesota, but got into a very physical and close series with Detroit. The Blackhawks went on to take care of the defending champs L.A. Kings to earn them a shot at the title.

This series should be an entertaining one just like the playoffs were. If I had to make a prediction I guess I'd have to with the Blackhawks from what I've seen just more dominate but we'll see in just a few minutes. I'm really curious to see what the local hockey community thinks about these finals.

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