Despite playing at Staples Center, the San Antonio Spurs came through with the 84-82 win.

The clock ran out and the Lakers offense was shut down with seconds left to redeem a Danny Green three-pointer with nine seconds remaining in the game.
Through out regulation they went pound-for-pound with the exception of the third quarter, when the Spurs outplayed the Lakers by eight points. That's when it became apparent the Spurs might have the upper-hand.
Tim Duncan came through with 18 points, 9 rebounds and four assists.
Kobe Bryant was 12-for-19 putting down 28 points, four rebounds and and unselfish eight assists.
Come Friday, with the new leadership under Coach Mike D'Antoni, the now 3-5 Lakers take on the Phoenix Suns -- at his old stomping grounds.
Perhaps D'Antoni can execute a more proficient pick-and-roll with former player Steve Nash and newly acquired center Dwight Howard.
The Spurs currently lead the Southwest Division and the Lakers fall second to last in the Pacific.