If you happen to have $2,900,000 lying around, then the 16,487 square footage location at 10651 N. Loop Dr. in Socorro could be yours. I don't get out to the far East side as much, but from what I gather, it's basically Amazon territory out there.

Which is why when Mr. Dollar Plaza went up for sale, understandably, some were concerned. Would it be touched by Jeff Bezos' golden hand and be taken over by the e-commerce company? Would another buyer take it and bring some much needed change to Socorro/Horizon/El Paso's Far East side?

El Paso has a lot of these small strip malls all over the city, and for the most part, they usually all house the same things:

  • Ross
  • DD's
  • Five Below
  • Burlington
  • Dollar Tree
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Which isn't so bad I guess, I do love Ross and Burlington. I lived in the Northeast and when the Big KMART that we had in the area was closed, many wondered what would take its place- and today that ONE whole building that KMART occupied is now four different stores- which you can guess are four of the five I mentioned above.

Joanna Barba
Joanna Barba

It's always the same thing, much to the dismay of El Pasoans. And we want change!

The Mr. Dollar Plaza is one currently home to 12 units with five tenants occupying it- y U.S. Renal Care, Rent-A-Center, a game room (which I assume it's like a sweepstakes place) and a Wings R Us. When it's bought- what will happen to these tenants? And most importantly, what will take its place?

The better question is what would you like to see in its place? Horizon/Socorro and the Eastlake area is quickly expanding, and this one shopping center has such great potential.

I can tell you what I would love to see- more local vendors getting their own storefront properties. There are so many great local vendors who work out of their home, seeing them in one location would be great.

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