In this final part of the “Soccer for the Casual Fan” series I wanted to take the time to discuss something that has been taboo for American sports fans. Something that when presented or discussed, people almost instinctive scoff at. Something that when discussed on sports talk radio seems illogical, pointless and just something American sports fans cannot come to terms with.

Of course I’m talking about the concept of a tie or as it is known in soccer a draw.

Yes, we’ve all heard that stupid and played out analogy that end any contest in a tie is “like kissing your sister”. Well I’m here to tell you soon to be El Paso Locomotive FC fans, if you have that or a similar opinion, be prepared because that is about to change.

The result of draw in soccer is as important as any other part of the game. I’m here to say, that before the season is over YOU WILL LEARN TO VALUED A DRAW.

This respect will come from when you see your soccer team losing and/or being dominated for a majority of the match and in one of the few opportunities they have on goal the ball finds itself in the back of the net. All of a sudden, a match were all was lost something was salvage and that “something” comes in the form of 1 point. 1 is better than 0 the last time I checked. Not to mention that that value of that single point in road match increases.

It’s true.

Ask any soccer head coach if they would sign off on a situation where they tied all of their matches on the road over the course of the season, they all most certainly would. This is part of a simple theory in soccer. Tie on the road, win at home and you will have a very successful season.

Yes, while I’m perfectly aware that it can work the other way and a draw can feel like a loss especially if the opposing team comes back from a 2 or more goal deficit or if a team scores in the final moments for the draw, still I maintain not all is lost. Under those situations where the opposing team closes a match out in that manner, who’s to say you team would lose in overtime?

So as difficult as it may seem to wrap your head around it, give it a chance and become an engaged soccer fan and with that alone you will see that a draw at the end of a soccer match is something you can live with.

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