Lucky for you El Paso will have Texas Covid-19 Mobile Testing Teams set up around the city. For me, it is scary that some people are asymptomatic, which means they are possibly carrying COVID-19 and spreading it without even knowing.

In my case, I had some symptoms for about three days. I called to set up an appointment at the nearest clinic to get myself tested, just to be safe. From there, I self-quarantined for a couple of weeks until my results came in.

It was the scariest and most difficult thing for me to do. I stayed couped up and avoided seeing my kids until my results came in. It took almost a full-blown week to get my negative results back from the clinic.

If you feel you need to get tested for COVID-19 then set up your appointment to visit the mobile testing units. There will be six COVID-19 Mobile Testing Teams scattered throughout the city starting tomorrow.

Hopefully, you can get penciled in and if you do I hope your results come back negative.

Don't forget to use The Department of Public Health's COVID-19 Hotline, which is operational from

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