With the All Star break having just wrapped up earlier this month there are teams that are either coming to form, unraveling, or staying the same. There are really two teams that most people are locking in for their 2018 NBA Finals matchup and they have the same two teams that have met up for the last three championship series. Golden State and Cleveland.

Who do I think will win it all though? Do I even have any of those two making it that far? Well I have one of them and that's Cleveland. LeBron is simply too great to get bounced out before the NBA Finals and has been for nearly eight years. But who will dethrone the Warriors and not just Kings of the West but the leaders of the entire NBA?

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I could be a homer and pick Oklahoma City. But I won't. They're simply not talented enough on defense especially after defensive specialist Dre Roberson is out for the season after suffering a season ending knee injury. They can score (when moving the ball of course) but they can't stop teams from scoring and that's what will doom them.

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I could say the Minnesota Timberwolves because of Jimmy Butler joining the team. But I won't. He's out for some time with a meniscus injury and even if it does heal in time the speed of the game will be too much for him to keep up. They do have Karl-Anthony Towns who I believe will be the best player in the NBA in the future but it simply won't be enough  this year even with Andrew Wiggins there. While I'm at it I'll go ahead and throw San Antonio into this mix since Kawhi is out and aside from him and Aldridge (who goes MIA in the playoffs) they really have no scoring threats.

There is only one legitimate team left in the west that is a threat to the Dubs and that is Houston. James Harden has been the captain this entire time with the help of some great bench scorers and defenders. Oh, and how could I forget Chris Paul? This team is basically a two-quarterback offense and the trust these guys have in each other is incredible. They're extremely fun to watch on offense and their defense practically suffocates the other teams. Not only have they swept Golden State so far this year in their matchups, they've also looked really good in close games this year. They're currently the best team in the NBA right now at 47-13 and are on a win streak that can exceed the amount of losses they have if they win one more.

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Houston, you are the problem. And I don't think anybody can solve you in a Best-of-Seven series.

Rockets over the Cavs in 5. Finals MVP? James Harden.