The steroid era in baseball has put a black mark on America’s pastime. One of the biggest players in the steroid era is former major league pitcher Roger Clemens. The Clemens trial is at the forefront of the steroid issue in Major League Baseball.  He maintains that he never used any sort of performance-enhancing drugs, but certain witnesses would say otherwise. New York Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte was the most famous witness, stating that he saw Clemens use steroids. Pettitte himself admitted to using PEDs to recover from injury.

Clemens’ former trainer, Brian McNamee, also claims that he shot steroids into Clemens, and has the needles to prove it. Now, another witness has come forward to say they saw Roger Clemens at a party at former MLB player Jose Canseco’s house. Canseco is an admitted juicer and this could put Clemens in a tight spot.

It is one of the most back-and-forth trials in sports history. If found guilty, Clemens could face serious time for lying to a congressional committee back in 2008. Do you believe that Clemens is innocent, or guilty of lying to Congress?

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