The term "swan song" is defined as a "metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement".

It's used in sports to describe an all-time great player or coach wrapping up an illustrious career.

For a quarterback, what better "swan song" is there than winning a Super Bowl.

Many, including myself, expect New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees to retire following this season.

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter appeared on NFL Countdown yesterday, stating the following:

Everybody expects after this season Drew Brees will retire. 

They thought that last year and he surprised them in March by deciding to come back. This time, he's got a signed contract with NBC. This time, he's another year older. This time, he's played through the 11 fractured ribs, the punctured lung. It's been a difficult, physical season and I think most people still believe that this will be the final season for Drew Brees in New Orleans and in the NFL before he turns to the broadcast booth.

ESPN Sunday NFL Countdown - January 3rd, 2021

If he surprised everyone last year, it's possible he could surprise everyone again and decide in the spring he wants to come back at 42 years old.

However, this season, I think the expectation will come to fruition.

For Brees and the Saints, the 2020 season has been Super Bowl or bust. Can they make that expectation come to fruition?

If so, they'll need to win 4 more in a row over the next month.

It starts this Sunday with a Wild Card game against the 8-8 Chicago Bears.

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