The El Paso County Commissioners Court says "No Mas"!  

Commissioners Court voted 4-1 yesterday to ban alcohol at the El Paso Sportspark. The only vote for the sale of alcohol came from Commissioner Andrew Haggerty who, according to the El Paso Times, said:

"it was hypocritical to ban sales of alcohol at the Sportspark but not at other parks, such as Ascarate, where there are children as well.  He also did not agree with a second survey, done after the county staff's survey, that found that a majority of respondents did not want alcohol to be available during youth sports."

Victor Falvey with the U.S. Specialty Sports Association, feels the sale of alcohol at the park hurts its ability to draw tournaments and events.

"People are spending $500 to come to a tournament. And they don't want to see the drama of somebody having consumed one or two too many beers." - EP Times

What do you think?

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