A building located at Michigan State University has been evacuated due to a bomb threat that occurred early Friday Morning.

According to WOOD, police we called in to the MSU campus because there was a a person had reported a bomb threat that was at or near the Hannah Administrative Building.

Currently officers are combing the building and the area around the building in search of the alleged bomb.

The university has an alert system that went out asking faculty and students to report any suspicious packages that have been left unattended or any suspicious activity or persons to the police immediately.

Authorities say the bomb threat came in an hour after the MSU Board of Trustees was holding a meeting in the Hannah Administrative Building.

This is a developing story so if any additional information comes in, check back for an update.

Many times these incidents turn out to be a student who didn't study for a test or just a school prank but the police are on it and have to be sure.

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