The pageant’s organizers admit Jenna Talackova is a “real girl,” but won’t let her in their beauty pageant because the Vancouver native was born a dude.

The  rules state that each contestant must be a “naturally born female.” Talackova claimed she was born a female on her registration form. She later confessed when the pageant’s director suspected otherwise and asked her about it. He immediately pulled shim from the contest.

The director went on to say, “She feels like a real girl and she is a real girl. She didn’t expect people to question it.” Uh, sounds like our man has carnal knowledge of the man-turned-woman? He went on to say:

“She was excited about the competition. Just because she can’t compete doesn’t mean we stopped loving her.”

Yeah, he definitely banged shim.

The 23 year old transgendered contestant knew she was a female at 4 and began hormone therapy at 14, and  surgically changed her gender at 19. She regards herself as, “a woman with a history.”

[Via The Toronto Star]