Meek Mill recently had a viral moment when he tripped a referee while sitting courtside during a Philadelphia 76ers game.

Last night (Nov. 7), Meek Mill was in attendance to see his hometown Philadelphia 76ers take on the Phoenix Suns. The Dreamchasers rapper was sitting right next to the action and ended up accidentally getting involved in the action during the middle of the second quarter. The Suns were moving down the court in transition, when a referee trying to keep up with the play tripped over Meek's outstretched legs and went sprawling onto the hardwood.

"He tripped on Meek Mill. That was Meek Mill over there," one of the commentators pointed out while they were reviewing the replay.

Meek fessed up on Twitter immediately afterward.

"Hov once said I be spiked out I can trip a referee lol," he typed, quoting a Jay-Z line from "Empire State of Mind." "I apologized to him that’s brazyyy tho," he added.

Twitter had a field day with jokes about the incident.

"Meek mill the first rapper to ever actually trip a referee lmao," one person tweeted.

"Meek Mill should be arrested for assault on that referee," someone else joked.

"Meek mill out there tripping referees," someone else added with a crying laughing emoji. 

Meek Mill is set to release his long-awaited new Flamers 5 mixtape soon. The Philly rapper shared the cover art for the project on Halloween, which received some not so flattering reviews on social media.

Check Out Video of Meek Mill Accidentally Tripping a Referee and His Response Below

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