Last Thursday, El Paso Locomotive FC announced the acquisition of Bravos de FC Juarez attacking midfielder Josue Aaron Gomez pending league and federation approval. The move between both clubs is more than logical considering both teams are under the flagship of MountainStar Sports Group.

This kind of move benefits all parties involved.

The Locomotive will get a player in Gomez that was a notable factor for the Bravos over the past couple of years giving Locomotive head coach Mark Lowry another offensive option an area where El Paso is rather limited with a short 23- now 24-man roster.

Locomotive fans need to know that Gomez was a player that was always a viable option for FC Juarez. While he was not an undisputed starter on the team, he did go through a streak where he was on the starting eleven, he was also a go-to substitution if matches for the Bravos developed a certain way, particularly when they needed an offensive spark.

His name was on the lips of member of the media, fans and in social media when the Bravos would be going through a rough patch or streak as to why he wasn’t receiving more playing time or being considered to be a starter to give the Bravos a breath of fresh air.

If this was the case for a player that was of a top team in league that is that of a higher caliber than the league the Locos participate in, it will be a small surprise when Gomez begins to be a serious positive factor for the Locomotive.

As for Gomez himself, with this current situation he finds himself in, he will be given another stage to put his skills on display as a young soccer player that is full of potential and a ceiling that is yet to be determined. There is no doubt that Gomez arrives to the Locomotive motivated and with the sense that he has plenty to prove and make everyone take notice from the first time he gets any playing minutes.

The Bravos will now be able to transfer players to the Locomotive and be able to keep a close eye on their performance here in the Borderland by essentially keeping them within the same organization as opposed to putting them out on loan to rival team within the league that they compete in.

In this Locomotive-Bravos partnership even the USL will benefit, a different caliber of player will now integrate itself into the league, increasing the quality of play and ultimately the quality of product on the field of play giving the league another selling point.

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