You’ve had pork. You’ve had donuts. Have you ever had a pork donut? If you live in China, you’re about to get the chance, courtesy of Dunkin’ Donuts — and NBA star LeBron James?

Nigel Travis, Dunkin’ Donuts’ CEO, said in an interview, “Donuts are a very flexible product. You can do savory donuts, you can do donuts with shredded pork — that’s in China. We also have a range of other savory products that we have been testing and introducing country by country.”

John Costello, the company’s chief global marketing and innovation officer, says Dunkin’ is also developing “bagels with pork floss topping” to cater to Chinese tastes.

We’re not sure what exactly “pork floss” is so we don’t know whether to be turned on or grossed out, but regardless, Miami Heat standout LeBron James will be trying to convince our Asian brethren to chow down. Travis says the company chose James as its brand ambassador in Asia because of his popularity there.

As part of his multi-year gig, James will promote Dunkin’ Donuts and its sister company Baskin-Robbins in ads, online media and in-store marketing, and will also occasionally show up at certain store locations in person.

No word on whether pork donuts or the mysterious pork floss will eventually make their way to American shores. Maybe LeBron James will help them come to a decision. He is great at those.

[Via Reuters]

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