The ECHL’s Las Vegas Wranglers are raising the roof or actually just skating on it. The double-A class organization has become a bit creative when trying to find a new venue to play its upcoming season. After losing their lease at the Orleans Arena, the club worked out a deal with the Plaza Hotel and Casino to transform a roof level parking lot into a 35-hundred seat hockey area.

Courtesy of Las Vegas Wranglers.

I know, my first question as well was how in the hell is the ice going to stay cold. Let them figure it out but this is a club that has had gimmicks as part of its history. Since Vegas is known as a “City that never Sleeps,” the team has played games as late as midnight in the past and it looks as if that could become a regular event. Give the club credit for working on innovative ways to remain relevant and for also finding a way to stay in Vegas for another five years.

The hockey arena will cost four million dollars to build, and there are some added perks for visiting teams as they will get to stay in the Hotel/Casino on road trips. All they need to do now is add a gambling slot to every fans seat.