It is not secret that the Los Angeles Dodgers need a power bat. What it a big surprise is the extent to which they will attempt to acquire an aging power hitter. Reports surfaced late last night that the Dodgers were in serious discussions with the Houston Astros for Carlos Lee. The 36-year old could play either first base or the outfield and would give the Dodgers some added power they lack. The Dodgers are so desperate that they are willing to include starting pitcher Garrett Gould, their 6th best prospect according to Baseball America.

Both Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp are on the disabled list and the Dodgers are having a hard time scoring runs. They have been shut out in four of their last five games and had their eight-game lead in the NL West over the Giants  disappear in a matter of weeks.

Apparently the deal has been worked out and is waiting Lee's approval. Word is that Lee might veto the deal because he has a no-trade clause and loves living in Houston. That might be a blessing in disguise for the Dodgers, since many believe Lee is past his prime and has not hit well at Dodger Stadium