This quite literally means while this man says he is not going anywhere, in turn, leaves Cowboy fans to believe their team is going nowhere.

Jerry Jones' role with the Cowboys is Owner and General Manager. His responsibilities however, include everything from marketing, recruiting and sometimes on the field play calling. He's just short of suiting up and trying to catch a ball from his buddy Tony Romo.

But after a couple decades. The '90s are over. Let's come to terms with that. Everyone answers to someone, right. Well as GM, Jones answers to himself.

He has his hands full -- like a puppet master would as he pulls and tugs at every department head in association with the Cowboys. His over one-billion dollar mothership of a stadium that sits across Ranger Ballpark is just short of a roller-coaster ride, Mall of America and a water park inside.

It's no lie the man's commitment to the team and financial generosity has secured a place in America where the Blue star gets as much recognition as those on our nation's flag. But this franchise is gearing further and further away from being deemed "America's Team."

Bottom line, there comes a point in everyones career where you must step down, retire and/or move on. But as reported by CBS Radio in Dallas, KRLD, Jones let it be known that he is not going to budge. He will not hire a general manager. He is the owner and GM and quite frankly will not be firing himself anytime soon.

So like a Supreme Court Justice, I guess that's when Cowboy fans will find out when he is really, done.

With all due respect for his past, his future with continuing to have his hands in everybody's business and not allowing the sometimes passive, Jason Garrett, to take the head coach reigns, will leave Cowboy fans living with insanity. Need I say more.

Oh wait I can, I don't ever want to hear LL Cool Jones rap again about pizza or anything for that matter.