A new entertainment center with a roller-skating rink and a laser tag arena will be opening soon in Northeast El Paso. "Wait, what? On our side of town?" exclaimed the northeast in disbelief.

An understandable reaction since the general feeling from those who call the northeast home is that the northeast is the city’s unwanted step-child.

And that’s a fair assumption as it is arguably underserved and often gets passed over by the business community. But, yes, it's happening.

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The Spot

Lukas Schroeder/Unsplash
Lukas Schroeder/Unsplash

The Spot Family Entertainment Center is the name of the place moving in. It will have arcades, pool tables, a laser tag arena, and a roller skating rink, according to a published report.

So, all you rink rats get ready to lace up and roll. Soon you'll be able to hit the hardwood backward for a few songs, zip and spin like an Olympic skater, or hug the half-wall for dear life while you struggle to stay upright.

When Does The Spot Open?

The Spot is located at 8500 Dyer Suite 80 in the Sunrise Village shopping center. They hope to open in late June or July. One question: will it have a giant disco ball? Asking for me.

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