We’ve learned more about the car accident Khalid was in this past weekend.

As 93.1 KISS-FM first reported Monday, the R&B singer from El Paso missed his gig in Maryland on Saturday (June 24) after being involved in an unspecified collision

Tuesday, Linda Wolfe, Khalid’s mother, released a statement to a local news station detailing the extent of his injuries and the cause of the accident and it sounds terrifying.

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Ed Sheeran broke the news of Khalid’s accident on stage Saturday at his show in Maryland. At the time, all we knew from Sheeran was that Khalid wasn’t seriously hurt.

The Americas High School alum has been opening for Sheeran on his U.S. stadium tour but was forced to miss the FedEx Field performance because of the car crash.

Bruises and Abrasions

Khalid & Friends: A Night For Suncity
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Tuesday, Khalid’s mother shared some specifics of the collision with a local news station.

According to Mrs. Wolfe, Khalid’s car began overheating so Khalid pulled over to the side of the road.

As he was assessing his options and next course of action by the passenger side of his car, an approaching vehicle struck Khalid’s car on the driver’s side.

It’s not known if it was a sideswipe kind of thing or a T-bone but either way it sounds pretty scary.

Think about it, Khalid came thisclose to possibly being seriously injured. Had his next move been to sit back behind the wheel this story might have had a totally different ending.

Instead, according to his mom all Khalid suffered was a few “bruises and abrasions.” She added that “he was taken to the hospital to heal.”

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