April 20 – aka 4/20 – is the official holiday of stoners everywhere.

It's a day for weed enthusiasts to pay homage to the cannabis plant by kicking back and chilling away life’s stresses. And by that, I mean blazing a J, toking it up, smoking a fatty, puffin’ the green, or whichever way you say smoking weed without actually saying you smoke weed.

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The thing about sparking up, though, is that it has been known to affect your decision-making abilities. Sometimes to hilarious results.

We asked our radio listeners and social media followers to tell us about that funny, dumb thing they did when they were young and didn’t know any better that ended with the phrase “because I got high." (A nod to the weed anthem and classic stoner track by Afroman)

Read on, and remember to not bogart that joint. I mean, to just say no.

Because I Got High

GRAS GRÜN via Unsplash
GRAS GRÜN via Unsplash

Angela K
Before cell phones flashlights... looking all over the car for my lighter, making all my friends look too as I held my lit lighter for light. because we all got high!

Daniel A.
I ate all the chewy cookies and fell asleep then woke up asking what happened to the cookies!

Lori O.
Had to make a run to Walmart. Got [in] my car and sat in the passenger seat. bc I got high

Valerie L
[Sat] at the stop sign waiting for it to turn GREEN

Christy G
I was only going to have one child. Then I had a second & third. because I got high.

Arias S
One of my mom's friend used to work doing catering and one time we were so dumb that we ate I don't know how many pounds of wings of one of her catering orders and all because we got high

Felipe L
I called T-Mobile at 3am to let them know “I love T-mobile”

5 Fun 4/20 Weed Facts

Thinkstock/Getty Images
Thinkstock/Getty Images

While there may never be a consensus on the effects of the ganj on society, there is no disputing some truths of the giggle weed. Spark up a bowl and try not to cough while reading these fun marijuana facts*.

● People who smoke it are the main reason Chico’s Tacos is still in business

● It's the reason stoners blow their whole paycheck on Girl Scout cookies and Hot Cheetos

● No one who has ever been busted by El Paso Police holding has ever admitted it was their own weed in their pocket or car

● You'll never overdose on it, but it can make you sick by making you think putting pineapple on your pizza is a good idea

● If you smoke enough of it, you can actually convince yourself we need to pay more taxes, and the Street Car was a good idea

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