Friday the 13th. The day strikes fear among the ultra-superstitious.

Luckily for those who dread the day, there is only one Friday the 13th remaining in 2023. Unfortunately, for those who suffer from Friggatriskaidekaphobia, it's this Friday.

While some freak out and go so far as to hide out at home with the shades drawn and hope nothing unlucky befalls them, others revel in its perceived spookiness. The latter will want to meet up with Lost El Paso Paranormal for the Sunset Heights Ghost Walk.

The Sunset Heights Ghost Walk

Lost El Paso Paranormal Facebook
Lost El Paso Paranormal Facebook

If you're up for spooky stories with a little history thrown in spend the evening on the so-called unluckiest day on the calendar exploring “El Paso's most haunted neighborhood.”

The Sunset Heights neighborhood has existed since the latter part of the 1890s.

Beautiful, stately homes dot the landscape of the historic neighborhood located north of downtown El Paso.

But its beauty hides a spooky, sinister side.

[On the Sunset Heights Ghost Walk] you'll discover the secrets of the tunnels hidden beneath the infamous Turtle House... learn stories of haunted dolls & ghostly apparitions lurking within the elegant Burges House... and hear firsthand tales of our paranormal investigations of the haunted Hixson House.

Keep it Spooky

Tickets, meet-up location, and more info can be found on the Lost El Paso Paranormal event post.

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