Hello, Food Police? Yes, I’d like to report a crime.

I’m all for weird food combinations. Not everyone likes to eat their food the same way, which is why there are so many different ways to enjoy dishes. But what some people do to their food is just downright wrong.

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We asked our listeners and website readers to tell us about the most glaring food crime they have ever witnessed, and, man, what some people do to their food is unforgivable.

Forget about pineapple as a pizza topping, that's nothing compared to the heinous food crimes we heard about.

Becky S
I know someone who eats big spoons full of mayo with every meal! Doesn't matter what it is

Luis Hernandez
Went to a "Mexican" restaurant in central TX (enough said!), ordered menudo and they gave me saltine crackers with it!

Look, I’ll forgive having corn tortillas with menudo because that’s how we do in the RGV where I was born and raised, but saltine crackers? Nah, man.

Diane R
Someone I know puts Honey on their red enchiladas

Paulina G
My husband puts HOT SAUCE on his spaghetti

I eat hot Fritos in my peanut butter sandwiches.

spam & twinkies sandwich

My daughter puts ketchup on her tuna fish sandwich!

I’m horrified. I can’t imagine seeing someone make any of the sandwiches mentioned above, much less eat them.

The Worst of All the Food Crimes

Getty Images
Getty Images

The tuna fish sandwich referenced above is an example of the most glaring food atrocity being committed; the use – or rather, misuse – of ketchup.

People be treating the condiment meant for just fries and hotdogs like it is Frank’s RedHot and putting that s**t on everything.

Andrew A. Jr.
I put ketchup on my refried beans

Audrey Celeste
Ketchup on pizza

Martha R
Ketchup on huevos con chorizo

My husband does the tamales and ketchup. Please send help!

Yeah, you in danger girl. People who put ketchup on tamales are one hallucinogenic drug away from a freezer full of human body parts. Sorry, but the only acceptable topping on a tamal is Chile con Queso.

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