Nothing says "Happy Fourth of July" like shooting off enough explosives to annoy your neighbors and scare all the dogs in the neighborhood.

So, can you legally set off fireworks in El Paso? Well, it depends. The City of El Paso and El Paso County seperately dictate if and where you can.

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Inside City Limits


Sorry Pyro Pedro, you cannot buy, possess, or shoot fireworks inside El Paso city limits – although that’s never stopped anyone in my neighborhood.

The use of fireworks inside city limits is a Class C misdemeanor per city ordinance. If you are caught being a menace to society and causing dogs to cower in fear your fireworks may be confiscated and you could receive a fine of up to $500.

El Paso County


El Paso County Commissioners did not ban the use of fireworks this year.

The KBDI Scale, which is what is used to ascertain potential fire risks brought on by drought conditions, did not reach the minimum points needed for a ban to be realized.

Sorry residents of Montana Vista and other unincorporated areas of the county, you’ll have to suffer through another 4th of July night of traffic, trash, and terrified pets.

Are Aerial Fireworks Banned?

Technically, not this year. But you won't find any.

Commissioners did not meet the deadline to prohibit aerial fireworks so, unlike last year, fireworks commonly referred to as sticks and fins -- like bottle rockets and missiles with fins or rudders – are not banned.

But ...

"“Firework vendors...have all agreed to not sell sticks and fins rockets, which are more difficult to control, causing potential wildfires,” the county stated in a press release Thursday, June 29.

July 4th Public Fireworks Displays in El Paso

Edge of Forever Photography
Edge of Forever Photography

Ascarate Park

El Paso County is celebrating the holiday with food trucks, swimming, and an aerial display over Ascarate Lake. [More Info]

Western Playland Amusement Park

The amusement park in the neighboring city of Sunland Park, New Mexico will be cranking up all the rides at 4 p.m. with their annual fireworks celebration going off towards the end of the park’s closing.

Southwest University Park

The Chihuahuas celebrate Independence Day with a home game against the Las Vegas Aviators followed by a fireworks finale choreographed to patriotic music. [More Info]

Wet ‘N Wild Water World

Wet 'N Wild Water World will light it up on the 4th after a full day of water rides and grilling. Fireworks will go boom not long after the park closes for the evening at 8 p.m. [More Info]

Pop Goes the Fort

Fort Bliss MWR will mark Independence Day on-base at Biggs Park with live performances from the 1st Armored Division Band, and the El Paso Symphony Orchestra followed by the annual Fireworks Spectacular. [More Info]

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