ZZ Top have always been fiercely proud of their home state and have become, along with Willie Nelson, some of the best ambassadors Texas has ever had.

Known affectionately as "that little ol' band from Texas", (that's also the title of their 2019 documentary), ZZ Top have done more for Texas PR than most people who actually get paid to rep the lone star state. They truly are proud sons of Texas and ain't afraid to say it.

They take a little bit of Texas with them everywhere they go, they're one of the most successful bands ... probably THE most successful rock band ... to ever come out of Texas and it was always the same 3 guys.

Until the death of bassist Dusty Hill in 2021, ZZ Top rocked us for 50 years with the same lineup - Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard. (Ironically, the only guy in the band that doesn't have one.)

They have spread the glory that is Texas all over the world and even took some of Texas with them once. I don't know if the following places are really their favorite Texas spots but, to my knowledge, they're the only ones they ever sang about ...

Heaven Hell Or Houston

The band is actually from Houston so, "Space City", (I'm sure), has got be a genuine ZZ Top fave.

La Grange

The home of the legendary "chicken ranch", a brothel that sparked a major scandal, inspired both a movie and a Broadway musical. Being that ZZ Top were young men during the ranches heyday, it was also probably a genuinely beloved place.


The lyrics paint the picture so perfectly, it makes you feel like you've been there if you haven't and helps you relive the moment if you have. The Balinese was in Galveston and offered beautiful nights, good times and oh, yeah ... Ruby.

Honorable Mention: Tush

Dusty Hill is looking for some "fine" in this one, with tush having 2 meanings. It can mean something really nice, plush or luxurious as well as someone's rear end. It's not about a Texas City or place but Dallas gets name dropped.

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