El Paso, Texas sure has some serious foodies!

Here in the Sun City, it's no secret that we take our food seriously. The whole Chico's Taco debate may divide a majority of us, but rest assured that if anyone talks bad about it- El Paso foodies will come for you- looking at you, Mario Lopez!

El Paso is very proud of the cuisine we have to offer, and sometimes, we all want to share our experiences at our favorite places- especially if it's a locally owned restaurant! Which is why I'm so excited that this list of the highest-rated restaurants in El Paso, is solely local establishments!

Here are ten of the best restaurants in El Paso- according to Yelp!

10 of the Highest Rated Restaurants in El Paso According to Yelp

According to Yelp, these El Paso restaurants have the highest ratings and are highly recommended by El Pasoans!

That's just TEN of them! It's not surprising to me that number one is a food truck- we do love our food on wheels in El Paso!

Also on the list are:

  • JV's Pizza
  • Alamo Drafthouse Cinema East
  • El Jacalito Restaurante
  • Road Runner Pizza
  • Paseo Del Sol
  • El Doggy Kitchen
  • Su-Casa Restaurant
  • Casa Cafetzin Coffee Roasters
  • Tasty Kabob
  • Dia De Los Pescados
  • The Junction Brunch House
  • El Toro Bronco
  • El Girasol Mexican Kitchen
  • Hallelujah! BBQ
  • Maracas Y Sabor
  • La Hacienda Del Amigo
  • Mariscos Central
  • Aaajiji Tacos and Beer
  • El Taquito
  • One Grub Community Diner

Since the pandemic, I've noticed a lot of local foodie related posts. Many wrote in to alert the rest of us of some of the best local places around in an effort to keep their businesses open.

Unfortunately, as a result of the pandemic, some of our favorites didn't make it. But if you are on the hunt for a new favorite local restaurant to support, then you're going to want to check out some of these! El Paso truly shows that there's something for everyone!

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