Hint: It helps provide something El Paso and Fort Bliss desperately need and is the largest (inland) one in the entire world.

The El Paso area has quite a bit of water underneath it ... the problem is that it's very brackish, (that's a fancy way of saying salty), and is, basically, unusable.

A plant was developed by the El Paso Water Department, who partnered with Fort Bliss on the project, that cleans the water through reverse osmosis making it safe to drink.

The Kay Bailey Hutchison (KBH) Desalination Plant, located at 10751 Montana Avenue, can produce 27.5 million gallons of fresh water daily. That's kind of a big deal here in the desert.

A big deal here that's becoming a big deal all over the United States of America. The KBH plant in El Paso is the largest inland desalination plant in the world.

  • Desalination doubles as a comprehensive water treatment technology, removing salts along other potential pollutants.
  • The wells from which water is pumped for desalination are strategically placed to slow or prevent brackish water intrusion toward freshwater wells.
  • Desalination is a critical water strategy needed to enable growth of both El Paso and Fort Bliss.
  • The plant serves as a learning center for desalination research and a model for other inland cities facing diminishing supplies of fresh water. - epwater.org

El Paso Water isn't reigning up at 27.5 million gallons daily. Their hope is to expand the plant over the next few years to get it producing around 42 million gallons of fresh water every day.

Almost double the current amount.

El Paso has also experimented with straight up creating water.

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