With El Paso having Fort Bliss so close to us, we are definitely a military community; many families are raised here so we have a huge dedication to the armed forces in this part of Texas. We also have many memorials for our fallen soldiers at places like the Old Glory Memorial in the Northeast. One group of sisters is doing something nice for the veterans, holding a free concert FOR the vets on Veterans Day weekend.

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Whole Lota Denim is holding a rock concert on November 10th

The sister owned venue, Whole Lota Denim, has been hosting many local shows at 11504 Rebel Court. The Noel Sisters (Sierra, Mia & Savannah) not only has a huge respect FOR military veterans, but they come from a military family too; Susan, their mother who informed me of the concert, her father is retired Air Force.

The San Diego rock band, Sitting on Stacy, who have opened up for huge acts such as the Jonas Brothers will be performing at Whole Lota Denim on November 10th. It's an all ages show with the doors opening at 7pm; presale tickets start at $5 and tickets at the door will be $10. However those who are military, must bring your IDs, will be able to get into the show for free.

Whole Lotta Denim
Whole Lotta Denim

Along side Sitting on Stacy will be the local groups Stereodust, Trash Baguette, Stoney Blue Fish & Mediocre at Best.

As someone who was also raised into a military family, I love seeing the community give back to the vets. Even if it's a small gesture like letting them go to a free concert. And I'm sure they appreciate it.

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