After 28 LOOONNGGG years of waiting, the Foo Fighters FINALLY played El Paso, Texas at the Don Haskins Center. I don't need to state the obvious but anyone who went to the show, got their moneys worth. We got a truly amazing rock show from rock legends.

I also don't need to state the obvious that there are many bands that STILL need to come to El Paso & give us a show. Here a few bands that have NEVER played here that NEED to show up.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

My personal pick for the band that NEEDS to show up NOW are the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They've been around since 1982 & still haven't performed in El Paso, Texas (or even Las Cruces for that matter). This would be absolutely at the top of my wish list for concerts in El Paso.

Pearl Jam

Of the grunge bands, Pearl Jam is one of the two that is still active today. El Paso HAS seen Alice in Chains but not Pearl Jam. The closest we've seen was Eddie performing at the Plaza Theater over 10 years ago in 2012. But since then he hasn't returned nor has he brought his boys in PJ.


A personal pick of mine (and one of my favorite bands), Les Claypool nor Primus have ever played an El Paso venue. Primus DID play in Las Cruces in 1992 while opening up for Rush but not in the Sun City.


Speaking of bands who only performed in Las Cruces, Mastodon graced their presence in 2009 but never here in El Paso. At least...not yet.

Tenacious D

The comedy duo of Jack Black & Kyle Gass would be perfect for playing in El Paso; Kyle Gass once performed here at the Lowbrow Palace in 2016 but we haven't seen Jack appear in town. If they do, I think the Plaza Theater would be the perfect spot for the D...

Dirty Honey

One of the biggest rising stars in rock today, Dirty Honey hasn't played El Paso yet. It might be too early to put them on the list but they are a very well loved band so I think they deserve a spot here. Until they finally give El Paso a rockin' show.

My Chemical Romance

When I was...a young boy...I've dreamed of seeing My Chemical Romance live. Currently that has yet to happen here. Although we can't be too bummed out, Gerard Way recorded his album, Hesitant Alien, out at Sonic Ranch & even had a nice heartwarming story with a fan there. So until then...we must carry on...and wait patiently.

Rage Against the Machine

And finally the band that has sadly promised show after show in El Paso but due to COVID and injuries, Rage Against the Machine has never played in El Paso. There are still many fans of RATM and when that day DOES come that they can finally play at the Don Haskins or wherever...we willb e ready.

Of course that's just a handful because there are PLENTY more bands that have never shown up here. You can see part 1 and part 2 here. But I'm so thankful that we finally saw the Foo Fighters. Let's hope Dave is right & they DO show up here again (just not waiting another 28 years...)

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