An online rumor is going viral saying that the Styrofoam cups used by Whataburger will protect exposed water pipes at your home from freezing. Is it true?

The internet is loaded with claims about quick fixes and hacks that will help you with all kinds of different things and projects.

The one abut the Whataburger Styrofoam cups has been popping up a lot lately as Texas gets ready for a really chilly winter. Does this one really work though?

Yep ... it sure does.

"You don't want it to be exposed because it might not leak right away because it's frozen. It's got ice inside it, but as soon as that thaws, you might be dumping hundreds of gallons a minute of water inside the walls of your house, and you don't want that. Please please insulate your faucets before the freeze hits in the next couple of days." -

While Whataburger is a Texas staple and favorite, it doesn't necessarily have to be one of their cups ... any Styrofoam cup will do if you can't get a product designed to do this.

Water pipes freeze and burst all over the place every winter causing zillions of dollars worth of water damage and racking up some pretty stiff repair costs.

El Paso may not get as much of the cold weather predicted for Texas in general but we will see some freezing ... and maybe below freezing ... temps here and there.

You can buy insulation for your pipes or allow a tiny bit of water to drip from the faucet farthest from your main to prevent freezing. For more pipe warming tips, click here.

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