The Eagles' stunning loss to the Washington Commanders on Monday Night Football only adds salt into some pretty bad wounds Dallas Cowboys fans are trying to heal.

The Cowboys choked one away in Green Bay on Sunday, and El Pasoans probably feel like they were watching Groundhog Day.


Because Aaron Jones.

He destroys the Cowboys. Every. Time.

But it's HOW the Cowboys lost that really stings. El Pasoans can be happy for Aaron Jones having a great game AND still see their favorite Cowboys team win. Both can be true, except it never seems to work out that way.

Green Bay's 14-0 run before the end of regulation forced Dallas to lose a two-TD lead entering the fourth quarter for the first time in franchise history (in 196 tries) ... and was proceeded by a 21-0 scoring run from Dallas, which started in the second quarter and continued into a strong second-half start.

Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon combined for 37 carries. The most in a single game all season. Jones finished the day with 26 total touches... DO THIS EVERY WEEK.

The El Paso kid ended up with 138 yards rushing and a touchdown. It's not quite the four touchdown performance he had in Dallas in 2019, but it was enough to get the job done.

And now Mike McCarthy will forever be cemented in GIF land with this moment:

Marshawn Lynch, aka BEAST MODE, may be ready to pass his nickname down to Aaron Jones after this TD celebration. It had Aaron Rodgers "I own you" to the Chicago crowd vibes. It's amazing how Jones can catch 3 balls at once in the end zone.

And while that mid-air gesture on his way into the endzone may not have been PG, Aaron Jones is still a man of the people -- and the kids.

But let's give the best "Aaron Jones owns the Cowboys" tweet award to...

... a proud supporter of UTEP football and former Dallas Cowboys QB Babe Laufenberg.

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