Radiator Springs is supposed to be in Arizona but it was inspired by a tiny town in Texas along Route 66.

The "Mother Road" was once the main artery across the country. All along it, you can still find places that haven't changed much over almost 100 years.

Including this little place in Texas that inspired "Radiator Springs" in the Disney classic, "Cars".

Shamrock, Texas is located about 110 miles from Amarillo, in the Texas panhandle. It was named, go figure, by an Irish immigrant in 1890.

The quirky little town seems frozen in time and has some very unique architecture, some of which served as inspiration for "Radiator Springs" in Disney's Cars.

"Ramone's House of Body Art" is modeled after the U-Drop Inn, a former gas station built in 1936 that's now a gift shop.

Other places around Texas that pop up in Cars include a nod to "Cadillac Ranch" near Amarillo.

In the movie's epilogue, a mountainous region known as "Cadillac Range" features many jagged peaks running north to south. This scene pays homage to our very own Cadillac Ranch. - onlyinyourstate.com

The Cozy Cone Motel in Cars looks an awful lot like the Tee Pee RV Park in Wharton, Texas.


If you're a fan of "Cars" ... or history and travel in general ... , Shamrock, Texas is totally a bucket list road trip idea.

Actually, you can pretty much say the same for every place along the 2,448 miles that make up Route 66.

Places frozen in time like Winslow, Arizona where I was once, yep, standing on a corner.

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