If you found your dream home, and it's super cheap, there may be something you're not being told.

Nobody wants to sell for less than they have to and, in order to keep their prices up where they want them, they sometimes omit certain info from their sales pitches.

As a home buyer, there are a few things you have a right to know and some that sellers and/or realtors are obligated to tell you.

Buying and selling homes is complicated and there are tons of rules and reg's that have to be followed.

Some information must be made known to the buyer including whether or not a death occurred on the property. Not every death has to be mentioned though ...

Well, it depends upon how the person died.  In Texas, the law states that a seller or seller’s agent is not required to disclose a death from natural causes, suicide, or an accident unrelated to the property’s condition. - realestateaustin

What Deaths Must Realtors Disclose To Potential Buyers?

  • Death caused by the homes condition. If someone falls down the stairs and dies, no need to disclose. If the stairs collapsed, causing the death, the buyer must be told.
  • Murder has to be disclosed. It's also probably been covered by the media so buyers, most likely, can look this up on their own.

What About Haunted Houses? Must That Be Disclosed?

Some states require that haunted houses or "stigmatized properties" be ID'd as such. Texas is not one of them.  See the guidelines for all 50 states here.

I have no idea how accurate it is but diedinhouse.com offers home background info.

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