When people think of iconic Texas landmarks, The Alamo in San Antonio is an iconic landmark. When you of think of iconic singers, David Bowie is absolutely one of the greatest of all time. And it's true...The Alamo did inspire David Bowie to change his name, but that wasn't the only Texas legend to inspire Bowie. That honor goes to one local Texas hero.

The Texan, Jim Bowie, inspired David Bowie's name change

David Robert Jones was born in London on 8 January 1947; the musical icon got his start in the 60s and he needed a name change to avoid being confused with the singer of The Monkees, Davy Jones. That's where Texas comes in play for our story...

In the book titled "America in the British Imagination: 1945 to the Present", author Jim Lyons wrote about David's fascination with the American Wild West & American movies. One of his favorites was the 1960 film, "The Alamo", a movie centered all around the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.

The character that David fell in love with, was the man known as Jim Bowie; a slave trader & soldier who played a huge role in defending the Alamo against Mexican soldiers.

Remember the (B&W) Alamo

It was because of Jim Bowie's heroism at the Alamo, that David changed his name from David Jones, to David Bowie. Thus...the rest is history.

David Bowie Performing As Ziggy Stardust
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Even a street in Texas was named after David Bowie

Of course we know that the love for Bowie has been felt very strongly throughout the years; one street in Austin even renamed Bowie Street to...David Bowie Street.

The ch-ch-change only lasted for a few days but the thought was certainly nice.

David Bowie has also worked with the legendary guitarist from Dallas, Stevie Ray Vaughan, on two of his biggest hits: "Let's Dance" & "China Girl".

Not to mention the iconic concerts he's given Texas in the past; he's given at least over a dozen amazing shows throughout his career.

Just like the man that inspired David Bowie's name, Jim Bowie, David will forever be remembered a legend in the world of music & in the hearts of Texans everywhere.

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