Who is the greatest guitarist of all time? That's a question that will forever be asked in music; there are so many talented musicians & everyone's favorite guitarist is different. Names like Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Kurt Cobain, Angus Young, Slash, Alex Lifeson... these are all names that were featured on Rolling Stone Magazine's 250 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. Many guitarists from all over Texas made the list; two of them cracked the top 20.


Here are some Texas guitarists who made Rolling Stone's greatest guitarists list

All throughout the list there were many legends that appeared, some of which I definitely feel like they deserve better...

  • Barbara Lynn from Beaumont, Texas - #229
  • Gary Clark Jr. from Austin, Texas - #209
  • Austin's Eric Johnson - #205
  • Lightnin' Hopkins from Centerville, Texas - #190
  • Beaumont's Johnny Winter - #166
  • Polyphia's Tim Henson from Dallas, Texas - #161
  • Stephen Stills from Dallas - #140
  • Pantera's Dimebag Darrell from Ennis, Texas - #131 (only 131?)
  • ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons from Houston, Texas - #102
  • Charlie Christian from Bonham, Texas - #78
  • Willie Nelson from Abbott, Texas - #77
  • T-Bone Walker from Linden, Texas - #65
  • and the final one is Anne Erin Clark (aka St. Vincent) who was raised in Dallas just missed the top 20 at #25.

That's a total of 12 guitarists who DIDN'T reach the top 20. So...

Which two Texas guitarists appeared in the top 20?

Coming in at #20 is the blues legend from Dallas, Texas... Stevie Ray Vaughan.

and right next to Stevie at #19 is one of the "Three Kings of the Blues Guitar", from Glimer, Texas: Freddie King.

I'll be honest, I was happy to see both Stevie & Freddie to appear on the list but I was NOT expecting to see them amongst the top 20. There are some names I feel that SHOULD have been on the list were Buddy Holly, Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, or Steve Miller, but I am very pleased to see many names from Texas be represented by Rolling Stones Magazine.

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