We love food in Texas. And that goes for fast food too. I bet some of your favorite fast food places were from the state of Texas & you never knew it. And to prove it, here are a couple of fast food chains that were either founded or are headquarter in Texas. We'll start of with an easy one.


Yes we all know the iconic orange & white W for Whataburger is from Texas; Corpus Cristi in fact. Since 1950 it has remained a favorite amongst Texas (and around the world). Some people have been known to show their extreme love for the W by eating ten patty burgers! Now that's dedication...

Church's Chicken

Church's Chicken, now called Church's Texas Chicken, actually got their start in San Antonio, Texas back in 1952, right across from the Alamo. Even though it's headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, it's still a Texas favorite.

Mooyah Burgers

Based out of Plano, Texas, Mooyah Burgers have proven to be a newer staple in the world of burgers. Winning several awards, it's hard to deny that Texas loves Mooyah.

Dickey's Barbeque Pit

Of course we had to mention a good ol' fashioned BBQ joint; started in Dallas, Texas in 1941, Dickey's Barbeque Pit has proven to be loved by many for generations.

El Taco Tote

Can't have a list of Texas food without Tex Mex right? Based out of El Paso, Texas & Juarez, Mexico, El Taco Tote has been a favorite since 1988. Even Aaron Jones from the Green Bay Packers loves El Taco Tote.

Taco Cabana

Another Tex Mex favorite is Taco Cabana from San Antonio, Texas. It was founded in September 1978 & its headquarters still remain in Texas.


Before moving to Atlanta Georgia, the original Schlotzsky's Deli was founded in 1971 in Austin, Texas.

Pizza Hut

Yes we certainly know the red iconic Pizza Hut top. It was founded in Wichita, Kansas but as of 1995, its new headquarters is Plano/Dallas, Texas.

Of course that's just a handful of popular chains from Texas; other notable names are Corner Bakery, Fuddruckers, Jason's Deli, Marble Slab Creamery, Wingstop, Golden Chick, Smoothie King, Shipley Do-Nuts, Pei Wei, Cheddar's, Luby's & TGI Fridays.

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