You know your city has an incredible landmark when it appears on The Texas Bucket List & we've seen many spots from El Paso, Texas on the show before. Earlier this year, we saw the Powerball Bat Factory be featured in September; this month, one of the oldest pieces of El Paso history was featured on Season 21, Episode 3: the Yselta Mission.

Where & what is the Yselta Mission in El Paso, Texas?

Back before the United States was founded in 1776, the Yselta Mission was built by the Tigua Indians nearly a hundred years ago. The mission was founded in 1688 & today is recognized as the oldest continuously operated parish in the State of Texas. However the building we see today has been a staple of El Paso's history since 1850.

You can find the Yselta Mission on 131 S. Zaragoza Rd. Those who have been to Speaking Rock Entertainment Center know this place & have it seen it before, as it's literally down the street and around the corner.

Shane McAuliffe talked with journalist Ed Sughart, who has also been a volunteer for the Mission since 2018. Ed talked about the fighting the took place between the Spanish & the Indians during the Pueblo Revolt & its significance to El Paso. They showed some beautiful shots of both the outside and inside the church.

We thank Shane for featuring the Yselta Mission on The Texas Bucket List as well as Ed for help telling the story on why this place is so important to El Paso's history.

If you want to see some other incredible missions in El Paso; there's another series that will show the world many missions around El Paso, Texas.

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