Since 2013, one of the biggest shows to ever show love to the Lone Star State has been The Texas Bucket List. Over for 10 years & 21 seasons (and counting), the show has done an amazing job showing to the locals, and the world, the must go-to places to visit in Texas. And of course that includes our neck of the woods in far West Texas, El Paso.

How many times has The Texas Bucket List visited El Paso?

We didn't appear on the show until 2016, where El Paso finally had its first destination spot makes it Texas Bucket List debut. Of course they chose the place where EVERYONE usually thinks of when you hear "El Paso", the spot that Marty Robbins made famous: Rosa's Cantina.

After that, El Paso practically became a mainstay on the show; so much so that we even wrote about the top 5 popular destinations from El Paso. Of course, number 1 being a staple in our community... Chico's Tacos. The YouTube video alone has over 370k views since it was uploaded in 2017.

Since then, there have been over a dozen more places from El Paso that appeared on the show. From restaurants to tourist destinations, it's clear the Texas Bucket List certainly doesn't mind making the trek out here to show the world what's here.

I know there are many more places that they should visit; but as of right now there have a total of 15 El Paso destinations; 16 if you include Cattleman's Steakhouse in Fabens (which I do personally). We'll see how many more places get included in the future

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