What's in a name? When it comes to having a great vantage point for Aprils full solar eclipse, Texas is the perfect place and some of the best places have perfect names.

A pretty good chunk of the lone star state will experience "totality" during the upcoming eclipse, keep reading to see the best named parts of Texas to watch it from.

On Monday, April 8, 2024, starting around 1:30, a total eclipse of the sun will occur ... the second within just a few months.

The "path" of the eclipse will cover a wide swath across the middle of Texas starting with Del Rio and continuing north over the Hill Country and the Prairies and Lakes region. See a map here or watch this video ...

NEVER look at the sun directly. To safely view this solar eclipse you must use solar filters at all times. Only during the exact moment of totality, when the sun's disk is 100% blocked by the moon can you look with the naked eye. This is possible only within the path of totality, and only for a few minutes depending on your location within the path.space.com

What Places In Texas Have Perfect Names For This Event?

For the most accurate info on Eclipse '24, click here. Some of the best spots to view it include the McDonald Observatory which is only a couple of hours from El Paso.

There are also several places within the path that have PERFECT names for the event. You could see the eclipse from places like Shadowland, Sun Valley and Luna, Texas.

If you really want to get into the spirit, head for one of those places.  As for El Paso, it appears the Sun City will remain just that during this one.

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