Texas has got some beautiful beaches and a climate that makes them appealing pretty much all year long. Just watch out for all the rattlesnakes.

When going over your beach check list, be sure a snakebite kit is on there with the sunscreen, umbrella, towels and snacks.

Yes, even in the colder months, rattlesnakes like to relax and soak up some sun on the beach. In fact, the colder months are when they like to be there the most.

These little devils are cold blooded which means, if they want to be warm, they need to be around something that is warm like a rock pavement or, best of all, sand.

"These cold-blooded creatures leave their nests and burrows to soak up the warmth of the sand during the winter time," officials at Galveston Island State Park wrote on Facebook on Monday. Included in the post was a photo of a Western diamondback rattlesnake, all curled up. "The sand dunes at Galveston Island State Park make the perfect home for rattlesnakes: close to warm sand, good hunting grounds, and are protected from humans." - CHRON

So, don't be surprised if you hear a little buzz while you're working on your own buzz. This video is a couple of years old but the current warnings are just that ... current. So, heads up beachgoers.

If you come across a vacationing rattlesnake, LEAVE IT ALONE. Stay at least 6 feet or so away, (remember, they can move very fast), and notify authorities.

The old saying "they're just as scared of you as you are of them" is true and, if you stay calm, so will they.

If you do get bit, here's what to do.

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