Texas & wrestling go hand in hand; it's a match made in Heaven. Not just on the wrestling side; but the music side too. We've seen bands from Texas used as theme shows for pay-per-views, wrestler's theme songs, and in one case, as the theme song for Monday Night RAW.

The Union Underground "Across the Nation"

If you watched RAW in the mid 2000s, you remember this song performed by the San Antonio nu metal band that include a pre-Disturbed (and fellow El Pasoan) John Moyer called The Union Underground. "Across the Nation" was the official theme song for RAW between March of 2002 until October 2006 during the Ruthless Aggression era.

Pantera "Walk"

Yes the Arlington rockers Pantera definitely have a wrestling connection. "Walk" was used as Rob Van Dam's 3rd theme song in ECW; he also used it in AEW. RVD has even gone into great detail on WHY he wanted this song as theme song.

Drowning Pool

"Let the bodies hit the....FLOOR!!!!!".

Yes the Dallas metal band's biggest hit, "Bodies" was used SO MUCH during the ECW days as well as in the WWF/WWE.

  • "Sinner" was used for the 2001 WWF Vengeance Pay-per view. "Bodies" was also used the 2001 Summerslam PPV.
  • "Bodies" was used as the theme song for ECW One Night Stand (2005 & 2006) & December to Dismember ECW PPVs in 2006,
  • and they're one of the only artists to have a song used for Wrestlemania (MGK is the other one).

Various Texas bands & artists were all used for WWE PPVs through out the years

Huge thank you to The SmackDown Hotel for listing ALL THE THEME SONGS for WWE Pay-Per Views through out the years:

  • Memphis May Fire's "Somebody" was used for NXT's New Year's Evil (2022)
  • "Home" by Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors & Bebe Rexha was used for the 2017 WWE's Tribute to the Troops.

West Texas Rednecks

Oh yes let's not forget the country music group/wrestling stable that lasted from June 1999- January 2001 in WCW & AJPW. Curt Henning, Bobby Duncum Jr., Barry Windham, Kendall Windham & Curly Bill all made up the West Texas Rednecks. They DID record 2 songs that wrestling fans are familiar with: "Rap is Crap (I Hate Rap)" & "Good Ol' Boys".

I know they're not as known as Drowning Pool or Pantera, but I couldn't leave them off because of their place in wrestling history.


Here's to more love for Texas being shown in the squared circle.

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