Anyone who's watched Adult Swim might be surprised by the abundance of Texas musical artists that were featured in their shows, as well as being promoted on Adult Swim's music program. Of course this isn't a complete list, but a collection of some of our favorite nods to some amazing Texas artists featured through out Adult Swim's history.

Adult Swim mentioned that they're very much into one El Paso, Texas band on national tv.

Anyone who's ever watched Adult Swim know how weird & somehow beautiful their tv bumps were. They were definitely a product of the 2000s that lasted decades later.

Turns out that during one of these bumpers, Adult Swim mentioned that they're very much into The Mars Volta from El Paso, Texas over 20 years. They didn't mention a particular song, just the band as a whole. That very bumper made its way onto social media, thank you to StabbingMuseum for uploading this (nearly) forgotten piece of tv history.

Who can forget Willie Nelson's appearance on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast

So many celebrities musicians have appeared on Space Ghost's talk show; Slash, Alice Cooper & Les Claypool come to mind. But one of the biggest stars from Texas to appear on the show was none other than Willie Nelson talking about his friend: the Old Kentucky Shark & Space

This iconic Pantera's album was given a name drop during Aqua Teen Hunger Force

ATHF was a WEIRD show but we loved it. I'm sure Pantera fans loved the little subtle reference to the title of their 5th album, Vulgar Display of Power, in the episode where Meatwad got pregnant from a spider. Yeah...don't ask about that cause we have no idea how that happens either.

A bonus reference, since Zakk Wylde has been playing WITH Pantera recently, who can forget the episode where Master Shake somehow managed to record WITH Zakk Wylde.

ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons once made a version of the Squidbillies theme song

Fans of Squidbillies know that several artists have covered the theme song & ZZ Top was one of them. More specifically, Billy Gibbons recorded a version in 2021. In my opinion, it gives me vibes of "Gimme All Your Lovin'" but you can hear it for yourself.

A couple of Texas artists have worked with Adult Swim's music department

In 2015, the instrumental rock band from San Marcos, Texas, This Will Destroy You, had 1of their songs be featured on their special Adult Swim music videos that were uploaded onto YouTube: "New Topia".

The other one was the thrash metal band from Dallas, Texas: Power Trip. Their song, "Hornet's Nest" was uploaded in 2018.

One more mention goes to Mastodon & thier special guest. Adult Swim loves Mastodon & they have worked with Adult Swim on various tv shows/projects. In 2014, they would record a new song that was available for free download on the Adult Swim called "Atlanta". There was a special guest on that song though, lead singer of the Butthole Surfers, Gibby Haynes.

One special mention to the New Mexico band, The Shins, who have appeared on 2 different Adult Swim shows

Yes I know they're from Albuquerque, New Mexico but we have to give them a special nod. They've been featured on Children's Hospital & have even done a special song with Tim & Eric. A beautiful ballad about...wiping your butt.

Yes it's safe to say that some Texas rockers were shown some love from Adult Swim through its 20 year run; let's hope more will come in the future.

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