If you thought the summer of 2023 was just absolutely, stupid, crazy, wicked hot in El Paso, you may not want to read the rest of this.

Not only is there a 1 in 3 chance 2024 will overheat 2023, there's a 99% chance 2024 will be among the top 5 warmest years in human history.

2023, mind you, was the hottest year ever ... EVER ... recorded in Texas. Records were set for most days over 100 and most days over 105. It was stupid hot.

In addition to the heat, most folks in El Paso use evaporative coolers and, when the humidity rises during our monsoon season, those things do NOT work. Trust me, I have one ... it sucked.

What Is Expected For Summer 2024?

The summer of 2024, for now, looks like it will be ... at the least ... a repeat of 2023. Some experts are predicting it to be even hotter though.

Note: might be a good time to go ahead and get that refrigerated A/C put in. Either that or rent a cabin in Ruidoso for a couple of months.

Near-Record Heat Wave Grips U.S. East Coast, Midwest
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Of course, there is a chance ... 2 out of 3 anyway ... that things will not turn out to be warmer. We could just repeat last summer's record breaking heat.

Not exactly a comforting forecast but anything would be better than temps going up. Last year was a record breaker and, personally, I hope to see that record stand. There's no need to get greedy and keep trying for more.

No mas Mother Nature ... as far as heat records go, we're good.

Heat Wave Safety Information

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