Yes we've heard the news about the Jaguars gentlemen's club in El Paso, Texas; after receiving multiple complaints of various illegal activities, the place is no longer in business. It's closed down, gone.

But of course this is not the first time we've seen a strip club be shut down in El Paso; within the last 20 years or so, we've seen a handful of places close their doors due to various reasons. While there are still clubs like Dreams Cabaret, the Red Parrot & Bucks Cabaret, there have been several places that El Paso remembers that are no longer with us.

Which strip clubs are closed in El Paso?

One of the most well known places was the Naked Harem in Central El Paso that was shut down in 2006. The club was shut down when it was discovered its previous owners were promoting prostitution among underage girls. For 15 years the sign was still up until 2021 when it was finally torn down. Our partner station, 93.1 KISS FM, was even able to film the inside of the building before they took down the sign.

Another popular name is the Lamplighter Lounge that used to be at 9857 Montana. But it's no longer there; what IS there is a church! However if you look up the address of the place on Google Maps, you can still see the old building with the old signs...

Google Maps
Google Maps

But that's just 3 of them. There have been plenty more to have closed down; probably WAY more from the 80s or earlier (but I wasn't born during those years so I wouldn't remember). are some old clubs that are sure to bring back memories.

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