El Paso & Texas had their moment to shine at Super Bowl LVIII this past Sunday & no we're not talking about former UTEP coach Andy Reid helping the Chiefs win their 4th Super Bowl or Post Malone singing "America the Beautiful". One El Paso band had their 5 seconds of fame by getting featured on a commercial during Super Bowl LVIII.

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Which El Paso band was featured on a Super Bowl commercial?

The indie rock band, Soul Parade, were shown in a local GECU spot that aired on CBS; the commercial shows the band practicing in their garage, loading up their equipment in the cars, and then performing at an art function for many adoring fans.

To many watching at home, they were caught off guard to see some local faces during the Super Bowl broadcast. But if you missed the GECU commercial, here's the band filming it themselves from their house.


According to the band, they filmed the commercial back in December of 2023 and were told that the commercial would be airing in February. But they weren't told EXACTLY when... turns out... it was during the local commercial break for the Super Bowl. SURPRISE!!! The band was bombarded with many messages saying they were shown on tv and everyone was blown away by it.

By the way, in case you're wondering which SONG was used in the GECU spot, it was their song "Fortress", released back in 2014. I'm sure the band will definitely play this song in future shows NOW.

This wasn't the first time El Paso was featured on a Super Bowl commercial; Julio Cesar Chavez starred in a Right Drive commercial which aired during Super Bowl LVII. We also saw one El Pasoan help create a Reese's Super Bowl ad for Super Bowl LIV.

I love seeing El Paso be represented during the Super Bowl; congrats to Soul Parade & here's to more local talent getting some Big Game screen time!

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