If you've lived in Texas, you know the name Sharon Tate; the Hollywood actress that was born in Dallas on January 24, 1943. Sadly most people know her as one of the victims killed by the Manson family in 1969. But El Paso, Texas knows her much more than that. Not only was she a resident here, but she even dated a huge local musician.

Sharon Tate
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When did Sharon Tate live in El Paso?

She only lived in El Paso for a short time, from 1959 to 1960. Her father was stationed at Fort Bliss when she was between the ages of 16 & 17. During that time she spent her junior year at Irvin High School. The El Paso History Alliance Facebook page posted a yearbook photo from her time at Irvin & even revealed that she lived on Roanoke Dr., just down the street from Irvin.

She would even date a famous El Paso musician after she left.

The El Paso History Alliance shared another post regarding Sharon Tate, one that was shared from the True Heroes of Texas Music page. They revealed that at one point, Sharon was dating Bobby Fuller in 1964, after he moved from El Paso to Los Angeles. Not only was Bobby her boyfriend, but he was her personal stylist. The post even went on to say that Sharon would talk with Bobby Fuller & his band about her time living in El Paso.

And in case you're wondering who Bobby Fuller is, he's the one who made THIS song popular. He wasn't the only El Paso musician to write old popular songs either...

Sadly we'll never know if Sharon would've ever come back to visit El Paso in her life; but what we DO know is that while Sharon lived in El Paso for a short time, she did remember her teen years living in the Sun City even while being a superstar.

Sharon Tate
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R.I.P. Sharon Tate & all the victims killed by the Manson family.

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