Decades after her tragic murder, Selena Quintanilla was & will forever remain the Queen of Tejano Music. Before her death in 1995, extremely lucky El Paso fans got to enjoy her final concert a year prior in 1994. Thanks to some extremely diehard Selena fans, this performance is not forgotten; it can be remembered fondly by everyone who loves Selena's music.

When was Selena's last concert in El Paso?

The date was August 6, 1994 at the El Paso County Coliseum; the legendary queen would end up playing a total of 10 songs. Thanks to various users, some of the songs have been uploaded separately.

Songs like "Bidi Bidi Bom Bom",

"Que Creías",

even the final song, "La Carcacha", can be enjoyed on their own. There's even a clip on TikTok where someone posted a clip of some fan jumping on stage while Selena was performing.

But one user named simply, Josue, uploaded the entire concert as it was recorded & filmed for television broadcast. The version also includes an interview with Selena before her iconic performance.

There's even more Selena footage in El Paso

While 1994 was the final time Selena performed in El Paso, that's not only the footage we have of her performing in El Paso; there's footage of her Coliseum performance in 1990. But only in clips. Still, it's absolutely better than nothing!

And even more amazing, there's audio of her very 1st performance in 1988 at the Johnny Canales Show. Keep in mind... Selena was only 17 when she performed here (amazing voice for such a young talent!)

To think only a handful of lucky El Paso fans were able to catch Selena at her prime in the 80s & 90s. For a long time these audio & video clips would've been just memories or lost to time. But thanks to these hardcore & dedicated fans, we can just remember The Queen fondly even more.

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