The 80s were a time of experimenting in metal; glam, speed, black & thrash metal were kings of that time. One of the biggest names from the thrash world is of course Slayer. But were they the first ones named Slayer? According to the band...Slayer from San Antonio, Texas, they'll claim THEY were the first SLAYER band. They sounded so much like Slayer, they got underneath their skin. And this is how it happened.

Who is Slayer from Texas?

Just like their LA "counterparts", Slayer from Texas (aka S.A. Slayer) would form in 1982 as a 5 piece power metal band. They would release an EP in 1983 called "Prepare to Die" under the name "Slayer". Listening to some of the songs, you can tell it's different than the Slayer WE know. can still tell it's heavy & there's a bit of influence from the growing thrash sound at the time.

Shortly after the EP was released, the other Slayer would find out about San Antonio Slayer. The founded of Metal Blade Records would send them a cease & desist letter, forcing them to change their name or they would take legal action. Hence why they were later called "S.A. Slayer".

In 1984, both Slayers would meet

If that story wasn't crazy enough, both Slayers would meet & even play the same show together. After releasing their debut album Show No Mercy, Slayer (from LA) would go on tour. On November 30, 1984, at The Villa Fontana, both Slayers...would meet up in "showdown" called Slayer X Slayer.

Believe it or not, there's actually a bootleg recording of that very concert. It would be called...well, Slayer & Slayer.

S.A. Slayer would disband shortly after their run in with Slayer; many of the members would go to form other groups. However there would be a full length album released in 1988 called "Go For the Throat".

The story would be covered on the popular channel Rock N' Roll True Stories & even talked about how both bands would respect each other on how they performed.

Sadly now both Slayers have retired from making music but both bands have their fanbases. Some even have admitted they love BOTH Slayers. Regardless on which Slayer YOU prefer, both have made a mark in music history & have given us one of the craziest stories in rock history.

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